The Trucking Industry Ended the Summer Strongly

In previous posts, we have discussed how important the trucking industry is to the success of a nation’s economy, to its momentum. Without trucks and reliable drivers, how can we possibly control the flow of goods and services? In this regard, trucks are like gatekeepers, opening and closing the gates of business. Their importance was on full effect during the recent CTAO (the Container Trucking Association of Ontario) strike.

The CTAO, as we explained in this blog post, is responsible for the representation of independent contractors, small business owners, and container truck drivers. Needless to say, the CTAO is a big player in goods and services in the Greater Toronto Area. Thankfully, the strike was over before it start, especially given the fact that there was talk of government intervention in addition to the outright frustration of the Canadian National Railway. Many experts were predicting economic disruption. In other words…without trucks, the whole region would fall apart; the economy would literally come to a screeching halt. Of course, that didn’t happen, but it did educate the general populace on the importance of drivers and their trucks. So, perhaps something good did come out of this strike. Overall, though, it seemed like the trucking industry had a good summer, as discussed in this Construction Equipment article.

They write, “The trucking industry added 700 jobs and unemployment fell to 5.1 percent in August, reports Transports Topics based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor.”

Well, that is a good piece of news. The trucking industry as a whole has experienced an interesting last few years. Some would say it has been rough; others would say it has been adapting. Both camps have a strong leg to stand on, but there’s no reason to sugarcoat or to devalue the job increase: it’s a good thing and at SPEED Global, we’re ecstatic to see that the trucking industry ended the summer strongly.