Transforming Buffalo Abandoned Factories into Indoor Farms

Have you heard of GroOperative? You should, as the group is in the process of transforming Buffalo and the entire region for the better. They are a worker owned farming cooperative that specializes in high-quality, organic produce – including fruit, vegetables, fish, beer, mushrooms, kombutcha and other edibles indoors and year-round – and craft beer. A great combo, right? More important perhaps than the produce and beer that GroOperative provides is the fact that their focus is on the ecological, economical and sociological sustainability of the greater Buffalo area. Nowadays, sustainability must be embraced to some degree, especially if a city and region want to experience success across the board.

The team at GroOperative believes in a horizontal work ethic “that produces wealth through environmentally sustainable means.” In other words, innovation plus environmental sustainability will ultimately turn a profit. That is, concisely, a horizontal work ethic. By helping to change people’s opinions about work ethic, profit and the environment, GroOperative is a big part of the culture shift that is happening in the Queen City. Buffalo is on the up and up, and the people at GroOperative are a big part of this Rust Belt renaissance. Not only that, but in strictly numbers speak, GroOperative’s production facility is expected to employ at least 100 worker-owners year-round!

GroOperative is expected to employ many area workers, so that is very good. Their belief in ecological, economical and sociological sustainability is infectious and touching lives throughout the region. They want to help low income families, so they are dedicated to social responsibility. They are also taking advantage of some of Buffalo’s more underutilized landmarks. For example, their plans involve transforming an abandoned factory (the region has many of them) into an indoor city farm – in other words, a sustainability machine, as the farm will use the waste of one process to fuel another. How cool is that?

It is this kind of forward thinking that Speed Global Services admires. Such innovation is a boon to not only the region’s economic health, but to manufacturers region wide. It sets a precedent that others may soon follow. What do you think?

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