Where Are all the Truck Drivers Going?

A number of reasons have been given over the years as to why we are increasingly losing more and more truck drivers. That includes the cost of driving and gas making it harder for drivers, as well as a number of trucking companies having to reduce the pay they could offer, and even just less people in the newer generations are even aware that trucking can be a full and effective job.

Regardless, the American Trucking Association does believe they are down over 30,000 drivers and that those numbers are only going to increase over the years. Well, a new law that was enacted in July of 2013 might actually have been the real cause for such a drop in the number of drivers, or at least was the last nail in the coffin that is slowly killing off the trucking industry.

The law focuses on the hours that drivers could have. Drivers had a 70-hour a week cap on how often they could be on the road. So, they couldn’t exceed 70 hours of driving in a single week, unless they took a break during the week that was 34 hours consecutively. The ability to reset their 70 hours in a week with their break was completely removed with this new law though, which means many drivers could not keep the same lifestyle they had been following before.

To conclude that, a survey done by the American Transportation Research Institute, over 80% of the truckers and motor drivers have experienced a significant productivity loss. And over half of those truckers and freight carriers have mentioned that they now require even more drivers to deliver the same amount of freight, which only puts a greater strain on just how many drivers we actually don’t have in the trucking industry right now.

The biggest areas this is affecting though are the little people or private owners and operators in the trucking industry. Many of them just can’t sustain themselves any longer under the strain being caused by new laws being pushed, less drivers coming in, and cost of gas and deliveries rising. It does seem that everything keeps going against the trucking industry. Only time will tell if something can be done about it, and soon. What do you think?

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/american-truck-drivers-are-getting-squeezed-out-of-their-profession-2014-8