Trucking Trends in Social Media

A recent study by TrueVoice has revealed some information and trends regarding the trucking industry and social media. One of the most surprising findings, according to the researchers, was how much truck drivers were using social media. Not only do they use social media to stay up-to-date on news, but it also one of their main tools for communicating with friends and family members. Truck drivers can be on the road at any time of the day, so often they cannot conveniently reach someone by giving them a call. Instead, they leave messages on social media that their loved ones can respond they next time they sign on.

Trucking trends in social media don’t just have to do with drivers reaching out to people while on the road. There are also many conversations taking place that concern the industry itself. This includes news stories regarding related government policies, industry associations, and more. These stories are just a starting point however. From them come shares, discussions, and other types of interaction.

Another important fact that this study revealed is that discussions concerning the trucking industry on social media are only growing. In fact, this past summer was a peak time with more than 105,000 discussions taking place across multiple platforms.

Whether you are a truck driver or just use trucking services, it is clear that this industry is able to reach people through the latest forms of communication. We are always interested in ways that technology will change and shape this industry, and it appears that social media is just the latest tool to spread related news, discussions, and developments. For more details about how technology is changing the way, we consume and share information, keep checking back with our blog!