Using Freight Forwarding Instead of a Shipping Company

Why use freight forwarding instead of a shipping company? There are a few viable reasons for using a freight forwarding service, but premiere among them is convenience for the client.


Transporting goods regionally can be tricky due to province and state restrictions, but transporting goods internationally can be a downright nightmare. Companies that offer freight forwarding services not only take care of transferring your product from air to rail to truck to ship, but they ensure that arrival and departure times and transfers happen smoothly and efficiently. Freight forwarding companies also deal with all of the paperwork associated with import and export legalities.


Another positive attribute of freight forwarding services is the handling of “logistics.” This term has been popping up all over, and all it means is ensuring that you’re not wasting company resources – yours or ours. If a shipment needs to get from Georgia to California, but the truck you’re using needs to get back to Georgia, we make sure that it doesn’t arrive empty. “Logistics” just means that we plan ahead, so that you get the most bang for your buck.


Good freight forwarders also give your company options. There are more ways than one to mail a package. We look at all of your options and give you the fastest, most efficient, and lowest rates to ensure that your product gets where it’s going in one piece.

You’ve got enough to worry about in running your own business. Contact Speed Global Services today for a comprehensive look at the freight forwarding services we off to make your job that much easier!