Warehousing Services in Buffalo, NY

Speed Global Services offers transport services between the US and Canada, but we also offer warehousing services. If your company is looking for a safe, affordable environment to house your product, look no further than Speed Global Services. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to differentiate between your storage options to ascertain whether or not our system is right for you.

There are three basic warehousing options: public, contract, and private. In public warehouses, you’ll pay a fixed fee per square foot on a month-to-month basis. These leases tend to be pricier than contract or private warehouses, but you have absolutely no long-term commitment to the space. Contract warehouses usually lease for at least 6 months, generally offer services like 24-hour security, forklifts, and racking, and tend to be slightly less expensive than public warehouses. Private warehousing is owned by your company – so rates are non-existent and you can set your own standards for security. However, your company requires the capital to mount such an investment.

Beyond understanding these three options, there are other questions to ask yourself before hiring out warehouse space. Will the space be a cost or a cause for profit? How long are you expecting to use the space? Will the warehouse provide other services (like transport)? How often will you need access to the product? Does the warehouse provide round the clock security with updates direct to your company?

After weighing your options, contact Speed Global Services to hear more about how we can help your company today!

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