White House Dismisses Need for Tougher Border Security

The attacks in Ottawa had pressed a number of people to seek out tougher border control along the Canadian and American border. But one of those people was not the president, or any of his cabinet. Instead, we see the US government firmly decide that the relations and security at the Canadian border are perfectly adequate and to tighten them would only put a greater strain for the economy between both nations.

The president also continued to mention that Canada and the US were working together in counter-terrorism situations and security, and to reinforce their own security without approval from Canada would be going against their wishes. For once, it is nice to see public relations with other countries, especially such a close neighbor is being maintained over people freaking out and worrying about the security of the nation because of a single attack that couldn’t have been predicted or expected.

It also goes to show just how much further Mexican and US border talks could go if both parties were more open to the idea of communication. If both Mexico and the US worked to make sure people were staying where they needed to be, then we might have significantly less vigilantes and troublesome problems in the southern border.

The word from the White House only proves just how solid the relationship between the two nations is, and that it will continue to be for some time. It shows that we must stand together as multiple nations working in unison if we have any hopes of pushing our way out of the economy sink that has affected everyone.

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/white-house-dismisses-need-for-tougher-security-on-canada-us-border/article21273508/